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 Tech Tips from Dave DuBois

1. Fuel Delivery Troubleshooting Guide

2. Ground Point Preparation

3. Brake Light Relay

4. XPAG/XPEG Engine Fasteners

5. Wrench Sizes

6. Torque Values for XPAG & XPEG Engines

7. Standard Threads - from “Machinery’s Handbook”

8. SU Fuel Pumps 101

9. Fuel Pump Vents

10. New SU Fuel Pumps with ‘O’ ring seals

11. Permanently Installed Backup Fuel Pump

12. Keep Your (Fan) Belts Loose

I got my start in the MG addiction in 1959, when my parents gave me the use of the 52 MGTD that they had at that time. Like everyone else, I sold the car in 1960 when I went into the Navy and immediately started kicking myself. After getting out of the Navy in 1964, getting married and going to work, I came across a 53 MGTD and my wife convinced me to buy it as the second car we needed. It soon became “her car” for everyday use and 7 years later, when I decided to restore the car, I was told “not until you get me another MG to drive”. Thus we became the owners of the 53 TD and a 66 MGB, both of which we own today and both having been restored. Gary asked, what do you drive – the answer is simple, MGs. The MGB is our primary transportation vehicle and the TD is the back up. We do have an old pickup that is used to haul whatever can’t be hauled in the MGs and to drive when it snows ever since they started putting salt on the roads up here (Washington State). If you ever spot a blue MGB with Washington plates on it streaking down your section of I5 or 99 in late April, that will be us making our yearly trek to visit our mothers in Danville and LA.

I retired four years ago from the world of Naval weapons systems on all classes of ships, from aircraft carriers to submarines and now spend my time keeping the MGs in good running order, fixing SU fuel pumps, going on cruises and dancing with my wife (preferable than with the stars). We also belong to the Northwest MG ‘T’ Register, attending rallies, tours, dinners, and other events with them.


Dave DuBois
SU Fuel Pumps and More