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A message from SVMGCC President, Liz Curtis

 Thank you one and all for the privilege of serving as your president. I love the club members and hope that I can bring a bit of fun and adventure to the group. For those of you who don’t know, I am a third generation native Californian, born and raised in Visalia California. In 1971 I graduated from University of California at Davis and have lived around Sacramento ever since.

 I was married to Mike Curtis who was a long-time member of the club, past president and served in a number of other positions. I have a daughter, a son in law, and two grandsons ages 4 and 2.

 My fondness for MGs come from Mike. He was a professional mechanic and could make anything run. One day he dragged home this little red car, with no top, and my addiction began.

The things that are the most fun for me are the social events. I have enjoyed them all, the Natters, the driving events, the over-nighters and the parties of any size or shape. This is the time when you can get the MG out for a drive and talk about your cars, your friends, your family or whatever! You get to see the Sacramento area, some fun sights and visit nice places to eat and drink.

 One of the things I like the best is when you drive your MG, you constantly get people driving by in other cars giving the thumbs up sign. Then they yell “Hey, what is that and nice car.” You know that your car is old when you yell, back “It’s and MG,” and they say, “Huh?”


Having been married to a mechanic had its perks: the car would always be in running shape and, believe it or not, I became pretty good at troubleshooting problems. There are a few basic things that the car always needs, i.e. air, fuel and spark. And always ask yourself, what was the last thing I did when it was running? If that doesn’t work, then I don’t have a clue and will have to go to someone who does.