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A message from SVMGCC President, Keith Yarbrough

  My name is Keith Yarbrough and I have been a member of this wonderful club since 1998. I have owned my 1950 RHD MGTD since December 1996. My wife, Cathy, and I met in high school and after a stint in the US Navy in 1973, we married and have been together ever since. We have two adult daughters, Kristin, living in Folsom and Katie, living in Oceanside. I have been associated with the sports car community since the age of 5. My parents owned a 1961 Bugeye Sprite and rallied and autocrossed that car every weekend. As a team, they were quite successful too. I also grew up listening to 24hrs at LeMans every Saturday morning in lieu of cartoons because that what my dad wanted to hear. So, naturally, my first car was also a Bugeye Sprite. I drove it into the ground and really didn’t realize what I had until it was gone. But, it was a fun, fun car. My first MG was an orange and black MG Midget that I bought brand new in 1974. I drove that car until our family situation dictated otherwise.

  It was in 1982 that while living in East Sacramento, a friend brought by a beautiful TD. RHD to boot! She allowed me to drive around McKinley Park and I felt I was all that and then some. From that date forward, I promised myself that I would own a car like someday.  That day came alive for me when I found my current and only TD in Dec. 1996.  Maggie Mae(as she was to be called)and I have put together many (mostly) trouble free miles together. She’s been a great car. My next purchase was a 1971 MGB bought from a former member whom had lost his wife to cancer.  While this car has been more than a challenge at times, Mz. BB, is wonderful to drive. That is, when she behaves. I named her after the former owners wife. Cathy and I had hoped  to carry on their tradition of having fun, doing drives and basically enjoying the car. I think I may have it finally sorted out so that we can do just that.

  We look forward to seeing members, old and new, and even guests out on the road this year. With all that the SVMGCC has to offer, we always anticipate an exciting year of drives and socials worthy enough to do again in the future. Consider joining us whether it’s a drive across the city or one across the state. Seriously give thought to joining one of our overnighters. You won’t regret it.   And….if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me, Keith Yarbrough,  keithy@frontiernet.net . If I don’t have your answer for you, I’ll make calls and inquiries to make sure you get what you need. Don’t let those cars sit too long!! Get out and drive!!

Keith and Cathy with their 1950 RHD MGTD