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Random files - Club Members Cars
Carl & Keli Gwyn's yellow 1968 MGB955 views
Jack and Mimi Bank's 1968 MGB2533 viewsAn "old faithful" daily driver.
Gary & Beverly Hoss' 1977 MGB 914 viewsPicture taken on Echo Summit. "Sweetheart" hasn't found a mountain she can't climb.
Jim & Lindsay Costigan's newly restored 1971 MGBGT4006 views
Jennifer Caldwell's 1952 MGTD2769 viewsHer father at the wheel, taking the nephews for a spin.
Paul & Bonnie D'Andrea's 1975 MGB5199 views
Corey Hogue's '77 MGB886 viewsPicture taken on the Carmel 17 Mile Drive.
Lawrie Alexander and his lovely wife, Jane, with their 1949 TC and 1978 MGB 12642 views

Last additions - Club Members Cars
Cathy and Keith Yarbrough own this 1950 MGTD RHD1181 viewsIt was an export model (probably Australia) I know for fact the restoration on it is well over 30 years old because I drove this exact car in the '80's. The gal that restored this car was a friend of a friend and she sold it to an auction company in Arizona and I bought it from a gentleman who bought it for his wife from an auction company in Arizona. I've owned it since 1996. The car's name is Maggie Mae.
Feb 11, 2016
Russ and Colleen Williams' 1969 MGC GT10196 viewsIt was purchased in 1998 as a basket case in box's, is now fully restored. Russ fitted it with 3 carbs and dual exhaust.Feb 11, 2016
Russ and Colleen Williams' 1966 MGB6270 viewsThey have owned it since 1979. Russ says, "It was my daily driver while I worked at Pacific Bell and never made me late or stranded".Feb 11, 2016
Val Howard Hogue's 1970 MGB875 viewsIt was her first car as well as her first MG. It is awaiting its turn to be restored.Feb 11, 2016
Brian & Jane Sonner's 1948 MGTC2319 viewsRestoration was completed in July 2010, under the guidance of Lawrie Alexander. The car is a daily driver and I average 6000 miles per year on it. I have no problem driving 65 MPH on the freeway for extended trips. These are REAL cars.Feb 11, 2016
John Redmond's MGTF6633 viewsI bought this car in 1962. It served me during my last year in school, through a hitch in the Air Force and on into my marriage. After major breakdown about 20 years ago, I couldn't bring myself to sell it though I had neither time to funds to do anything with it. Eventually, I did start the restoration and the task was finished in August 2006 and this picture is at a show in Santa Rosa in SeptemberFeb 11, 2016
Dan & Alma Paige with their 1958 MGA Roadster1055 viewsFeb 11, 2016
Paul Lewis' 1978 MG Midget1022 viewsI purchased my 1978 MG Midget brand new on August 10th 1978, from British Motors of Sacramento. You will see on the attached new car delivery sheet, that the signature for the buyer and the signature of the British Motors Rep are the same. That is because at that time I was working in new car sales at British Motors. So in fact I had sold this new car to myself.Feb 11, 2016

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