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Preston Castle Tour


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Second half planning


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Run to Graeagle and Portola


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The Carson Challenge


Pictures from the Carson City tour.

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Club Members CarsPictures Of Club Members Cars
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Members Cars


Pictures Of Members Cars

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Val Howard Hogue's 1970 MGB691 viewsIt was her first car as well as her first MG. It is awaiting its turn to be restored.
After The Tour 1080 viewsThe group met at Clark's Corner for a bite to eat before heading home.
Corey Hogue's '77 MGB731 viewsPicture taken on the Carmel 17 Mile Drive.
Rebuilt the cylinder head- Jan 2016626 viewsHad a great time rebuilding the tired cylinder head with Corey and Val!
John Redmond's MGTF1139 viewsI bought this car in 1962. It served me during my last year in school, through a hitch in the Air Force and on into my marriage. After major breakdown about 20 years ago, I couldn't bring myself to sell it though I had neither time to funds to do anything with it. Eventually, I did start the restoration and the task was finished in August 2006 and this picture is at a show in Santa Rosa in September
Cathy and Keith Yarbrough own this 1950 MGTD RHD954 viewsIt was an export model (probably Australia) I know for fact the restoration on it is well over 30 years old because I drove this exact car in the '80's. The gal that restored this car was a friend of a friend and she sold it to an auction company in Arizona and I bought it from a gentleman who bought it for his wife from an auction company in Arizona. I've owned it since 1996. The car's name is Maggie Mae.

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What's It Like To Ride In A TD?808 viewsA short video of riding in a TD.Oct 29, 2016
A Stop In Marklyville722 viewsA short rest stop in Marklyville before the final push home.Oct 29, 2016
The Mountains Again!1061 viewsYes, They are in our way so we have to go over them again.Oct 29, 2016
Topaz Lake851 viewsA short stop at Topaz lake before challenging the mountains again.Oct 29, 2016