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Join the Sacramento Valley MG Car Club on Wednesday, November 15th, where will gather at Poor Red’s Bar-B-Q which features steaks, chicken, and ribs to eat.  Their full menu can be found at this link https://www.poorreds.com/menu. They are known as the “Home of the World Famous Gold Cadillac” consuming a large amount of the Galliano liqueur.

The restaurant is located at 6221 Pleasant Valley Road at Highway 49 in the town of El Dorado, California, 95623. As usual, people will gather around 5:30 PM.

November 2023 Natter

What is a Natter?

The Gold Cadillac

Poor Red's is renowned for its award-winning barbecue and for the world-famous cocktail they invented called the Gold Cadillac.

The creation of the Gold Cadillac is legendary in El Dorado. In 1952, a newly engaged couple came to Poor Red's to celebrate their engagement. They asked bartender Frank Klein to create their own special cocktail that would match their newly purchased gold-colored Cadillac. The bartender served the drink in a champagne coupe glass to signify its celebratory nature meant for her and a sidecar glass for him. When you order one Gold Cadillac, you get two glasses.

Galliano noticed the popularity of the Gold Cadillac when their Northern California sales began to increase so they ran an advertising campaign for this drink from 1964 to 1967. The drink became famous around the world. The Gold Cadillac cocktail made Poor Red's the largest consumer of Galliano Liqueur in the world.

This single restaurant bar, located in a tiny Sierra Nevada Foothill town of 1400 residents, serves more Galliano Liqueur than any restaurant chain, liqueur retailer, hotel chain, or cruise line in existence. Most bars will have a bottle sit on their shelf for years. At Poor Red's, the average life span of a 750-ml. bottle of Galliano is only an hour and a half.

The place is a destination for a Gold Cadillac experience, and it sells thousands of drinks. Since their re-opening in April 2016, Poor Red's has sold over Forty Thousand of them. Try one for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. Enjoy!

Please RSVP to Val Howard-Hogue at 916-616-8583 or val@kimberandlyons.com Tuesday, November 14th. Val will call in the number of attendees on the 15th.