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GOF West 2018

August 2018 Natter

What is a Natter? Click here to find out!

The Natter for August will be at the

Q'bole Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Come enjoy our unique blend of fresh ingredients inspired from family recipes with our quality interpretations of classic regional dishes and redefined to provide innovation in Mexican cuisine. With various regional influences from our family staff, you will find dishes from states all throughout Mexico — our Carnitas from Michoacan, our Huachinango from Vera Cruz and Mazatlán Sinaloa, our Rellenos en Nogada and Pollo en Mole from Puebla — just to name a few.

Q'bole Mexican Restaurant & Cantina opened in 2004 and is now located in the charming Old Town Folsom just off Sutter Street as you pass over the Folsom-Auburn and Rainbow Bridges. Situated across from the Lake Natomas Inn Hotel, Q'bole is upstairs on the second level in the Lakes Shopping Center in the historic Gaslight building.

Parking is located in the parking garage or right behind the restaurant. There is an elevator, as the restaurant is on the second floor. Ask for the location of elevator if you are not familiar with its location, There are also stairs when you enter main floor.

718 Sutter Street Suite 201

Folsom, CA 95630

The natter starts at the usual 5:30 PM.

Your hosts for the natter - Jim & Karalee Heilman, hope to see you there.