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GOF West 2019

2nd Half 2019 Planning Meeting

Please join us to plan the events for the rest of 2019

Saturday June 22nd 2019

It’s that time of year again where we put our heads together and plan the events for our car club!  Where do YOU want to go?  What do YOU want to do?  Bring your plans and ideas to this most important session.  The club will provide burgers and brats. There will be a sign-up sheet at the June General Meeting for appetizers, sides and desserts.

If you cannot make it to the meeting but still plan on attending this session, RSVP to Keith Yarbrough 916-684-2700 or email keithy@frontiernet.net.

Remember, if you need advice on the logistics of putting a run together, hosting a tech session, ect. We have volunteers to help you. It doesn’t have to be car related either. We’ve had a good 1st half, Lets make the 2nd half even better!!

See ya then!!

We will meet at Heidi Child’s home located at 9375 Robin Lane, Newcastle CA. Plan to arrive at 1 PM. The meeting will start at 2 PM and we will eat after the meeting is finished.